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Volunteering opportunities in Beijing

pta volunteers at ISB

Many people find they have free time on their hands and opportunities to try fresh experiences after arriving in a new city. You may have quit your job and be taking a break from work. You will probably be lacking the social circle you had back home. That helps explain why a lot of expats get into …

Posted by Ms. Laurie Pelham on Thursday July 26, 2018
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Getting Around Beijing: Key Phrases When Speaking with a Beijing Taxi Driver

taxi in beijing (

Most people have heard that the traffic in Beijing can be a little insane. It’s true. It is. But one of the many perks of living in a city like Beijing is that there are tons of options for getting around that are fast, cheap, comfortable and convenient! As you settle in the city, you will learn how…

Posted by dkriger on Tuesday June 26, 2018
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The Best Playdate Ideas for Young Children in Beijing

isb parents on a playdate

Fun is more fun together! There’s lots to do with young kids in Beijing, from playgrounds to theater to parks to run around in, but newbies will of course have to dig a bit deeper to find groups to enjoy these things with, especially when it comes to the youngest children.

Luckily, thanks to strong …

Posted by dkriger on Sunday June 3, 2018
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Your Guide to Grocery Stores in Beijing

Tuan Jie Hu Dinkelong supermarket

Language barriers, unfamiliar brands and products, and therefore limited choice, can make even the simple task of grocery shopping a real headache for expats in China. In Beijing, the variety of supermarkets is impressive, and its suburban superstores can be overwhelmingly large. However, almost all…

Posted by dkriger on Tuesday February 20, 2018
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Your Must-Have Apps when living in Beijing

ISB student using applications on phone

China, while rich in history and tradition, has embraced technology and its conveniences faster than most developed countries in the West. With the tap of an app, you can pay your water bill, buy a new pair of shoes, order a car, and have dinner delivered without getting up off the couch. If you are…

Posted by dkriger on Tuesday February 13, 2018
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What is Life Like in China? A Korean Mom Answers

Korean family moves to Beijing

As China takes an ever-more central role in the global economy, expats continue to relocate in large numbers to major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. The prospect of moving your spouse and children to a new, and sometimes very different culture, can initially be a shock …

Posted by dkriger on Saturday January 6, 2018
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Important Mandarin Phrases for Foreigners to Know When Shopping

chinese shop keeper greeting

When it comes to Beijing, there’s no shortage of shopping opportunities. From markets and malls to street food stalls there is something for everyone (and a great deal around every corner if you put in a little effort). If you are new here or considering a move to China, you’ll quickly find yourself…

Posted by dkriger on Friday December 29, 2017
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Basic Chinese Phrases Teachers Should Know Before Moving to Beijing

chinese phrases on paper lanterns

Moving countries comes naturally to the seasoned international school teacher, but many will tell you that having no knowledge of a local language can make some of the daily encounters we all take for granted back home a bit of a struggle. China is no exception in this regard. With its hustle and …

Posted by dkriger on Sunday December 17, 2017
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What's Life Like in China? An American Mom Answers

Gabriella Rivera Eitingon with her family in Beijing

With China playing an increasingly important role globally, major cities on the Chinese mainland, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, continue to attract expats from all over the world. For families considering relocating to China, hearing what to expect from those who have already …

Posted by dkriger on Monday December 11, 2017
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