children interacting with powerpoint presentationOur Teaching Model

Our Teaching Model

ISB maintains its reputation for academic excellence as we explore innovative models of teaching and learning. Our talented and passionate educators from across the globe engage students in their learning through a variety of teaching models.

Experiential Learning

We believe that true understanding comes from the application of knowledge and skills. ISB creates authentic learning experiences for our students to practice and implement curricular concepts. Our educators facilitate hands-on opportunities for our students to synthesize information, apply their knowledge and develop transferable, real-life skills. Our educators engage students in learning experiences in and beyond the classroom. By encouraging students to interact with the world around them, we are able to make learning relevant and motivate students.


Project-Based Learning

ISB students have participated in project-based learning for a number of years. We use this approach to more widely engage students in their learning.

Our educators design project-based learning experiences for student-directed learning. This approach allows students to create authentic products or services, addressing real-world problems in demonstration of their learning. Projects are constructed around “essential questions." These questions typically address a real-world problem, providing opportunities for students to inquire, explore and create solutions, products or services to answer the question or problem.

Project-based learning at ISB can be both a collaborative and individual experience. Projects vary in length from one to eight weeks depending on the topic(s) covered. Projects are designed to have multiple access and entry points. This enables students to acquire common content and skills and yet provides opportunities for students to pursue their interests.


Chinese Integration

Chinese language and culture learning is an important part of our learning philosophy. ISB's Chinese-language program is enriched by opportunities to experience our host country's culture. Our students take dedicated Chinese lessons in addition to engaging in Chinese-language and culture learning through projects and learning experiences across different disciplines. Our real-life learning experiences take students beyond the classroom and help to develop in-depth cultural understanding.


Tech Infusion

Our educators broaden students' skills base by integrating technology into their learning activities. Our students work with a wide variety of programs and often create and edit videos as part of their learning experiences. Students are introduced to our one-to-one laptop and/or iPad program in Kindergarten. They work with laptops in class on individual activities and on collaborative projects. Middle School students take on more responsibility for their learning and take their laptops home in the evenings to complete homework tasks.

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